1. plizm:

    Iceland, Blue Lagoon Spa, 2012
    Mauricio López

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  2. People will stare. Make it worth their while → Hanna Touma Haute Couture | S/S ‘12

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  3. oomshi:

    am I honestly alive for this

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  5. hockey-time-machine:

    Julie Chu and the glass she broke with her shot.


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  6. breathtakingdestinations:

    Neuchatel - Switzerland (von Tambako the Jaguar)

  7. tyleroakley:

    wearing these during sex

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    This was taken in Australia. Three separate things happening at once: On the left, fireworks exploded as part of Australia Day celebrations. In the middle, it’s Comet McNaught. Then on the right, there’s lightning from a thunderstorm far away.

    i dont care if this has nothing to do with the blog its just sick

    on ya ‘straya

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  10. -eliesaab:

    Alexis Mabille Haute Couture S/S 2013.

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