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    Chicago Hand Made Cigars, 1930, Chicago.

  2. An Infinite List of Favorite Collections - Paolo Sebastian S/S 2014-15 Haute Couture

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    Siberian Architecture

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    RAMI KADI Bridal Collection

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    my parents definitely did not raise me to be a queer feminist filled with the wrath of a thousand enraged dragons and yet here i am

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  6. Three of a kind

    Old San Juan, PR

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    Llyn Ogwen - Snowdonia - North Wales - United Kingdom (von Kristofer Williams)

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    starry pattern I did a while back. :o)

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    afraid of 8th graders when I was 7, still afraid of 8th graders at 17

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  10. An LD’s Guide to Walking a Dog


    SM: Wow, that moving spot is so fancy! Is there anything you can’t do with it?

    LD: I don’t think you could walk a dog with it.

    LD: Wait. You could tie a leash to the front and walk the dog with the pan and tilt controls.

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